At MyTennisLab.com, we are committed to offering you the best price all year long. To check if the prices of our products are really the lowest, we compare our prices daily with those of our main competitors. If they charge a lower price, we adjust our prices in our online shop.

If, however, you find the same single product sold under the same conditions on a competing website (with the exception of marketplaces such as eBay or Le Bon Coin for example) at a more attractive price, you can use our lowest price guarantee and we will either match the lowest price or refund the difference as a voucher.


Here are the conditions to be met to claim our lowest price guarantee:

  1. The offer must come from a website based in France (refer to the legal notices on the website) or from a store located in France.
  2. The offer must be dated the same day.
  3. The competing product must be in stock and perfectly identical (same size and color for example).
  4. The price difference must be higher than 5%.
  5. The competitor's price must include all additional costs such as delivery costs or processing costs. Otherwise, the shipping costs will be added to their price to deduct a total shipping price included (shipping costs will be estimated using the competitor's shipping policies based on the shipping of this unique product).
  6. The competing offer must come from an official distributor.
  7. The competing item must be new and in its original packaging.
  8. It will be necessary to ensure in advance that the competing offer is not erroneous (e.g. typing error in the indicated price).
  9. The offers of the lowest price are not cumulative with other discounts in progress on the site.
  10. The lowest guaranteed price promise is not applicable on promotions, special offers, pack offers or cumulative offers


If you find a better price from a competitor, contact us by email by sending us the link of the product in question to the following address: info@mytennislab.com.

You will receive a confirmation by email indicating if we can offer you the same price.

Mytennislab.com's customer service is available Monday to Friday from 9:00 am to 6:30 pm.